SECH ultracapacitor modules impress due to their slim, light and robust design and are characterized, as are the single cells themselves, by excellent electrical parameters. The single cells are connected to each other via aluminum bus bars, with all contacts being laser welded. The module design is scalable and flexibly conceived, making it possible to produce solutions in a voltage range from e.g. 18 to 174V per module. Larger modules with voltages of 100V or more can also be produced upon customer request. Ultracapacitor modules are nowadays used in hybrid buses, rail applications, as a start assist for diesel engines, in wind power plants as well as for (emergency) power supply and UPS systems.

Our modules are all equipped with active balancing and monitoring electronics for a perfect operation of the cells, as well as a CAN communication interface. Customer-specific power and signal connections as well as communication formats are available. SECH ultracapacitor models are also characterized by the following properties:

  • Up to 1 million charge and discharge cycles
  • High energy content and low ESR
  • Working temperature range -40 to 65 ℃
  • Series and parallel connection of modules
  • Environmentally friendly (fulfil RoHS, REACH and UL810)

Please use the attached link to download the data sheets required.