Company Overview

SECH designs, develops and supplies customized energy storage and power delivery solutions for applications in automotive, mass transportation, electricity generation and distribution as well as industrial markets. Our ultracapacitors, modules and systems are characterized by high energy and power density, highest quality and reliability, long operational life, the ability to endlessly charge and discharge very rapidly, and stable performance at extreme conditions.

Within the targeted markets, our customers include OEMs, distributors and end-users. We aim to work in close cooperation with our customers to develop ultracapacitor based energy storage products and solutions. SECH’s experienced research and product development team is committed to design and build products featuring state-of-the-art performance for the life of the most demanding applications. Customers can count on us assisting them during development and generating end products faster. Our approach towards customers is characterized by the following two statements: We offer solutions and we keep it simple!

Alongside our customer-focused approach, we continue to develop next generation products, which will ultimately assist our customers in realizing new innovative products. Here we build on a well-established network with worldwide experts and specialists as well as the most advanced suppliers in this domain.

As an organization, we are dedicated to collaborate with all our partners to lead the way to a greener, cleaner and sustainable world with efficient, reliable and cost-effective energy storage solutions.

SECH is a one hundred percent subsidiary of Sieyuan Electric Co. Ltd, a leading, listed company in China in the field of electrical power engineering. Sieyuan Electric is committed to “making electricity transmission and distribution safer, more controllable and more efficient,” focusing on complete, innovative product lines and professional engineering and design services. Its customers include power system operators as well as companies in the industrial and power generation sectors in more than 60 countries worldwide. Sieyuan Electric has been honored the titles of “China Energy Equipment Top Ten Private Company”, “Innovative Company in Shanghai” and “National Key Fackel Plan High-Tech Companies”. At present, Sieyuan Electric comprises eight subsidiaries, each of which covers a broad range of products and systems at the highest technical level, covering the various areas of expertise in the T&D sector.