Our main focus is in the realization of customer-specific system solutions. For SECH, it is thus an important issue to develop a product for our customers that fulfils the given requirements in the most comprehensive way. Such an ultracapacitor system can also be equipped, along with the ultracapacitor cells with active balancing and monitoring electronics and a CAN communication interface, also with power electronics, for example including DCDC converters.
Compared to batteries, ultracapacitors offer several unique advantages for backup and UPS applications. On the one hand, the power is available without delay when it is needed, therefore allowing a seamless transition in the millisecond range. On the other hand, they can temporarily deliver up to 50 times more power, are relatively insensitive to low temperatures and can be completely discharged and recharged up to a million times.

Energy storage systems ESS

Scalable energy storage system according to customer requirements

Based on SECH’s energy storage system (ESS) modules larger scale stationary energy storage systems such as for grid stabilization, transportation substations and UPS can be realized. Series and parallel connected systems in the MW range can be realized in a simple way. Together with selected integrators, SECH supports end customers in designing and supplying the appropriate ESS.

Other customized systems upon request. Please contact us: info@sechsa.com