Technological Leadership

The performance and properties of ultracapacitors are significantly determined by the electrode material that is used. To make its electrodes, SECH uses activated carbon powder, further optimized through patent-protected processes. In doing so, the pore size of the carbon and its distribution are carefully chosen to achieve the largest possible accessible surface. Additionally, the best possible match between the pore size and the ions that are used in the chosen electrolyte is selected, so that the electrode material presents a high capacity and a low internal resistance with an excellent electrochemical stability. The electrode material production is subject to strict quality controls and based on simple industrial manufacturing processes. As we are in control of the electrode technology from start to finish, we are always capable of adjusting the performance of our products to the relevant applications.

The electrode material is processed on an automated production line with a separator in the capacitor winding, built into a robust, hermetically sealed housing and impregnated with a high-performance electrolyte. Our capacitors are characterized by laser welded internal connections, the use of pure aluminium for housings and electrical contacts as well as an innovative and patented housing design. This ensures that SECH ultracapacitors present a performance that is unique in all respects compared to competing products. SECH ultracapacitors have a very high energy and power density, are very long-lasting, reliable and maintenance-free.

They are also distinguished by excellent electrical and mechanical properties and are therefore ideal products for an almost unlimited number of applications.

The strengths and advantages of SECH ultracapacitors are also reflected in our modules and systems. They are also characterized by excellent electrical as well as mechanical properties and are therefore ideal products for an almost unlimited number of applications. Our system solutions benefit from the extensive experience of our parent group in the fields of power electronics and communication technologies. This enables us to offer and implement, together with and for our customers, perfectly tailored solutions that are as integrated as possible.

While a large part of the research and product development takes place at SECH in Switzerland, we have our products manufactured exclusively in China. The advantages of a cost-effective labour force and raw materials procurement allow us to offer our customers products with a good cost-performance ratio. In addition, thanks to a strong financial stability, we can quickly and efficiently extend our production capacity, in order to keep pace with the growing demand.

What are the characteristics of SECH ultracapacitors?

  • Single-cell voltage of 3.0V
  • Very high energy and power density
  • Low internal resistance, high efficiency and little loss
  • Innovative cell design
    • Laser-welded housing for an excellent cell sealing
    • Integrated terminals for compact and lightweight products
  • Laser-welded internal connections for low internal resistance values and an optimal thermal connectivity for the entire lifespan
  • Very high reliability and lifetime, among other things due to the use of ultra pure and structure-optimised electrode materials
  • Electrical connections with an anti-rotation concept
  • Screw terminals with an extremely high tightening torque
  • Automated production process with online SPC monitoring
  • Good price-performance ratio

What are the characteristics of SECH modules and systems?

  • Very high energy and power density
  • Low internal resistance and losses, high efficiency
  • Modular design
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Laser-welded cell to cell bus bar connections for low internal resistance values
  • Systems with balancing and monitoring electronics, communication interface and power electronics components, for example including DC-DC converters
  • Very high reliability and lifetime
  • Good price-performance ratio