SECH ultracapacitors combine the latest research from materials science with innovative and patented manufacturing processes. This results in products with properties that have not yet found their match. SECH ultracapacitors present a very high energy and power density compared to rival products. The manufacturing in China allows us to offer our customers products with a good cost-performance ratio.

All ultracapacitors have a nominal single cell voltage of 3.0V. They are available in the industry standard dimensions with capacities ranging from 330 to 3000F.

The resulting energy density amounts to a maximum of 8Wh/kg based on a very low internal resistance. The cells feature a power density of up to 38kW/kg and can be run with little loss and thus efficiently even with high charging and discharging currents. This makes it possible, in turn, to reduce the cooling necessary or to even do without it completely.

All ultracapacitors fulfil the testing requirements of the norms ISO 16750-3 and SAE 2464. Moreover, SECH ultracapacitors are characterized by the following main properties:

  • Up to 1 million charge and discharge cycles
  • Working temperature range -40 to 65 ℃
  • Screw thread or weldable connections
  • Environmentally friendly (fulfil RoHS, REACH and UL810)

Please use the attached link to download the data sheets required.