SECH ultracapacitors combine the latest research from materials science with innovative and patented manufacturing processes. This results in products with properties that have not yet found their match. SECH ultracapacitors present a very high energy and power density compared to rival products. The manufacturing in China allows us to offer our customers products with a good cost-performance ratio.
All ultracapacitors have a nominal single cell voltage of 3.0V. They are available in the industry standard dimensions with capacities ranging from 3 to 3400F.
Our cells feature energy densities of up to 8Wh/kg and a power density of up to 38kW/kg. Therefore, the cells can be run with little loss and thus efficiently even with high charging and discharging currents.
All ultracapacitors fulfil the testing requirements of the norms ISO 16750-3 and SAE 2464.

3V small cells

3F, 5F, 10F, 25F, 33F, 50F and 100F

  • Excellent DC life performance
  • Anti-wetting design

3V 33mm medium size cell


  • Layout compatibility with Maxwell cell type (BCAP0310)
  • High volume output for automotive industry

3V 35mm medium size cells

330F, 360F

  • Lowest ESR and most ruggedized cell in the market
  • First choice in several high-volume automotive applications

3V 46mm cells

600F, 1100F

  • Very compact and light-weight design
  • Cells are used in high volume automotive applications

3V 60mm large cells

1500F, 2000F, 3000F, 3400F – Weldable and Threaded terminals

  • Ultra-low ESR cells. The 3000F POWER cell is the highest power density cell in the market
  • Produced on fully automated production line